Visual artist specialized in mural painting. Born in Oviedo, in 1990.

Self-taught illustrator from an early age, he creates his own comics before adolescence.

His beginnings are framed in classic graffiti, with which he dominates the aerosol technique and begins to evolve towards a more creative work with styles that point towards realism, illustration on the wall, and contemporary muralism.

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Bástian Prendes Works

Large-format mural: Wall painting on large-format surfaces such as dividing walls, building facades and concrete walls, with experience in works of more than 250 square meters and 12 meters in height.

Wall painting: Intervention of walls in public and private spaces, participating in exhibitions, festivals and contests of mural painting, graffiti and urban art.

Illustration: Illustration work in different techniques: digital, graphite, ink .... Works for decoration, training books, illustrated novels and poems.

Decoration of premises: Decoration of commercial establishments, public spaces and private properties, indoors and outdoors, with extensive experience, participating in projects such as "La Mamut, Cámara Obscura", one of the largest photographic cameras in Europe, designed by the photographer Jonathan Hevia.

Among its activities, the large-format mural stands out and the intervention of walls in urban and rural spaces, both public and private. He also carries out illustration work and creates his own work on various media.



decoración de locales


lienzos y acrílicos