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Trabajos Bastian Prendes
Murales Bastian Prendes

Visual artist specialized in mural painting. Born in Oviedo, in 1990. Self-taught illustrator from an early age, he creates his own comics before adolescence. His beginnings are framed in classic graffiti, with which he dominates the aerosol technique and begins to evolve towards a more creative work with styles that point towards realism, illustration on the wall, and contemporary muralism.

In 2010 he studied at the School of Art of Oviedo. In 2011 he began a career as a professional muralist decorating all kinds of public and private spaces. He has worked for City Councils, art galleries, companies and individuals, with an experience of some 400 murals including: live painting for events, creation of work on canvas and table, contests and graffiti exhibitions, muralism on request, shows with modern techniques like light painting and fluor painting.

His most personal themes, also very diverse, are about nature, society, feelings, duality and contradiction, with imaginary characters represented with strong colors that narrate situations and sensations creating imaginary worlds.

In 2018, he began studying Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, to deepen the creative world and acquire new knowledge that will enrich a long self-taught career.


  • Live intervention "Walls and light". White Night. Closing day of the Parees festival. Oviedo
  • Second Prize International Festival of Street Art "Printing Walls". Torrefarera Catalonia
  • Live wall intervention. White Night. Aviles Cultural Factory.
  • Street Art Food Fest - Mercado de San Ildefonso. Madrid
  • Graffiti contest winner "Of the same caliber", Mancomunidad Valle del Jerte.
  • Live painting for BMW Triocar. Labor Center of Art. Gijón
  • Graffiti workshop at Trade Fair Tineo. City Council of Tineo.
  • SayMyName exhibition. City Council of Cangas de Onís.
  • Wall painting commissioned by: Principality Paintings, New Arroyo Sidrería, El Balcón del Anglirü Hotel, WF Crossfit, Bilman Sweed, La Cachila Workshops, CafeSelfie, Luis Méndez Woods, La Clave Pub, Vigil Feed, Llanera Town Council, Ecoimelectronics.
  • Live intervention Oviedo Art Fair 2017
  • Wall curated. Parees Fest.
  • Decoration of the giant photo camera "La Mamut, Camera Obscura".
  • First prize "Urban Artists The Guide". Gijón
  • Hip Hop Literary Intervention. La Granja Library. Oviedo.
  • Mural in the Fair Vegadeo Samples. Live in the rural
  • Painting on fabrics in the Black Night. Aviles Cultural Factory.
  • Wall painting commissioned by: Aplinor, Mieres Town Hall, BabCosmetics, Llanera Town Hall, Oviedo Bulldog, CafeCuore, Cafe Vogue, Billy Bob Restaurant, CafeSelfie
  • White Night Intervention Murillo Art Room.
  • Streets ofColour Old field. Intervention in the Counseling. Oviedo.
  • Intervention medianera. I.E.S. Doctor Fleming. Oviedo.
  • Hip Hop Jam O-City Festival. Graffiti Oviedo
  • Wall painting commissioned by: Black Heart Crossfit, Caparina Paintings, Kharma Oviedo, Dance School Lia, Borjabogados, Bar M, I.E.S. Doctor Fleming, Plan B Lugones, El Fornu de Llugones, Oviedo Counseling, La Roca Restaurant, among other private commissions.

Press clippings

27 abril 2015

Since yesterday one of Granda's ships looks different from the rest thanks to the mural made by the Oviedo artist Bastián Prendes. The design is about a car lifted by a crane that enjoys ...

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04 mayo 2015

A group of young people from Ciudad Naranco paint a mural of 156 square meters, a tribute to their friend who died by a train. Just fifteen days ago, they could not believe ...

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10 enero 2016

The artist Bastián Prendes, with only 25 years old, has drawn about 200 murals in Asturias; several in Oviedo as the facade of Burguer King or the blind of the pharmacy of Cabo Noval ....

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15 octubre 2017

Legend has it that the palace of the Marqués de la Rodriga, like every large house worth its salt, counted on its particular ghost. At the time they called the spectrum "Mangas Verdes" ...

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